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Nor­an J÷kuls - guiding, chauffeuring, advising

Knowledgeable, friendly guides -
to increase your enjoyment of Iceland!

Iceland is a North Atlantic gem. Not only is the country's nature in many ways unique, but its society and culture - whether past or present - are special. Educated, experienced guides will help you enjoy your Icelandic trip to the utmost, including visits to some of its lesser known areas and introductions to unusual aspects of Icelandic life.

The company Nor­an J÷kuls emphasises green tourism, so that trips led by its guides should help you gain an understanding of local nature and culture. The itinerary can be customised to your interests, depending on how much time you want to spend walking, learning about culture, etc.

The company's main guide and manager, Philip Vogler, lives in East Iceland and knows the area thoroughly. Although he has studied and guided throughout Iceland, he has gradually specialised in the more easterly parts of the country - areas far away from the capital, ReykjavÝk.

While larger groups normally tour in a bus with a separate driver, Philip can usually provide and drive up to four passengers in his 4WD (currently a Ford Escape). He has a special licence from the Icelandic government for driving while guiding, and the company is licensed to work as a tour operator, see the emblem on this page.

The main object of the company is satisfied customers. Its motto:
Quality and Service at the Forefront!


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