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Lingua prices for language work

When Lingua is in charge of a translation, the company guarantees that the translator's draft will be reviewed by another colleague. Generally, both of them reach agreement on all of the final wording in the text. These procedures are in line with company policy, and are included in the price.

In most cases, our current prices are as follows (+ VAT if applicable):

  ISK 45 per English word  
  ISK 50 per Icelandic/German/Danish/Norwegian word 
  ISK 12,000 per hour 

Note that these rates do not always apply, for instance if the text is very short or extremely long, or if it is particularly complicated or exceptionally simple. Many other factors may come into play, including how short or long the deadline can be, and some clients are able and wish to review the translation themselves. If you would like to fix the price in advance, we will need to look over your document in order to assess the amount of work involved. We promise full confidentiality in everything we do, whether you eventually decide to let us carry out the job or not.


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