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History of Noršan Jökuls; tourism consulting

Philip Vogler, the main owner of the company, studied in 1981 to 1982 to become a guide in Iceland, then guided a great variety of trips throughout the country in the following years. He has lived in Egilsstašir in East Iceland since 1982, and completed a special guiding course for that region in 1992.

The name Noršan Jökuls means "north of the glacier", referring to Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull. In 1993, Philip began offering three-day trips under this name through the highlands north of Vatnajökull, travelling between Egilsstašir and Mżvatn. Over the years, the services offered by Noršan Jökuls began to change and also took in the Eastern coast and lowlands, partly in cooperation with the company Tanni Travel at Eskifjöršur.

In 2004, Philip completed courses for a minor in tourism studies. Since then, Noršan Jökuls has offered guiding services on demand and even custom-designed trips, guiding for individuals or groups. Philip is also happy to advise other parties on schedules and destinations. Further services provided for travellers include interpreting and establishing contacts, while for companies and clubs he is prepared to devise or improve itinerary descriptions, not least regarding trips through rural Iceland. Please see also our pages on Lingua language services.

  While Noršan Jökuls may sometimes suggest or provide guides for travel anywhere in Iceland, the company specialises in and around East Iceland, extending through North Iceland more or less to Skagafjöršur and through South Iceland more or less to Vķk.


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