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Policy on guiding and consulting - Nor­an J÷kuls

In order to be a capable consultant and guide, the company's main guide and manager, Philip Vogler, often attends courses and conferences. To fill in gaps, he often tries to find out more by reading, phoning or visiting the site involved. He also keeps up with what is going on in Icelandic society, particularly in the region he most frequently visits, besides being informed about local nature.

Nor­an J÷kuls promotes green tourism. Not only are rural culture and nature introduced, but are treated with respect. 

Itineraries will endeavour to reflect the interests of the traveller, though considering the weather or other conditions. In larger groups with varying attitudes and abilities, efforts are often made to allow for more than one option.

The company shall only engage in operations for which it and the worker has every required licence.

Please note that although the firm emphasises quality in all respects, including in its selection of translators and guides, it does not assume responsibility for the services it sells. However, those working for the company will do their best to help trips turn out as well as possible, seeking favourable solutions to any problems or mishaps which might arise.


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