Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Philip Vogler

Icelandic Id. number: 041050 7729

Born: Oct. 4,1950, in Lamesa, Texas, USA (have since also become a citizen of Iceland)

Residence: Dalskógar 12, IS – 700 Egilsstaðir, Iceland

Contact information: Tel. +354 471 2190, [email protected],

Spouse: Helga Hreinsdóttir

Our children: Two daughters, born in 1979 and 1983; two grandchildren

Main education and previous occupations:

Till 1968: Work in the cotton fields of Dawson County, Texas

1972: BA in English from Texas Lutheran University, including considerable Spanish and a broad liberal arts background

1972-77: One year in German literature and language on a Fulbright grant at Universität Giessen, Germany, where I continued to take approximately one seminar per semester along with part-time teaching in evening and secondary schools, guiding, and various other odd jobs

1978: MA in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley

1978-1979: Clerk in the bookstore at the University of Iceland

1979-1980: Substitute teaching for over two semesters at the University of Iceland and officer in the association of part-time teachers at the university

1980-82: Part-time teaching at the secondary school MH as well as finishing five credits on the sagas and a certificate in education at the University of Iceland. Drove construction site trucks in the summer.

1982: Chauffeur’s licence. Certificate for guiding in Iceland; ever since then a member of the Icelandic Tourist Guides Association and guiding part of every year.

1982-99: Teaching English and some German and computer use at the local college; most years the department chairman for English. Varied short courses, particularly on computers and language teaching, and some experience in distance teaching

1991-92: Regional guide’s certificate for East Iceland (member of the first graduating group)

1993-97: Founder and operator of the outdoor theatre “Here in the East”

1993-2000: independent sponsor of scheduled excursions from 1993-96; day trips from Egilsstaðir 1997-2003 in cooperation with Tanni Travel at Eskifjörður

Spring 1998: Marketing for tradesmen, completed at the local upper secondary school

1998-2004: Completed university minor in tourism at the University of Iceland, with 37 credits

1999- : Working independently at translation, interpretation, proofreading, composition and tourist guiding, since 2001 through a private limited company; see

2000-2003: On board and later secretary of the incorporated firm for a local pleasure ship, Lagarfljótsormurinn hf.

2004-2006: Government certification as translator, first from Icelandic to English and then also from English to Icelandic. Member of the Icelandic Association of Certified Court Interpreters and Translators since 2004.

2007-2008: Completed three-semester study programme in Community Interpreting, taught from Ísafjörður in NW Iceland

2011: Translations Relating to the EU and EEA, University of Iceland

Recent participation in more important conferences:

2002 – European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, Dublin, Ireland, on the Celts

2003 – World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, Dunblane, Scotland, on sustainable tourism

2003 – Conference of the Icelandic Tourist Board, Lake Mývatn, on changes in marketing approaches

2005 – World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, Melbourne, Australia, on the improvement of professional guides

2005 – Conference of the Icelandic Tourist Board, Reykjavík, on Icelandic competitiveness

2006 – Symposium at the Þórbergur Centre on the author Þórbergur Þórðarson

2010 – Symposium at the Þórbergur Centre on the Nordic and Celtic settlement of Southeast Iceland

2011 – Symposium at the Þórbergur Centre on linking literature to tourism

Short courses taken since 1995:

Conference Interpreting

Computer Science

Examinations and Evaluation, the Internet for English Teaching

Data Processing and the Internet

Computers in Written Composition

Website Design I

Website Structuring

Tourism and Traditional Culture

Modern Translation Techniques (2001)

Hiking – techniques and group management (2001)

Providing Superb Service (2001)

Icelandic Settlement in the New World (2001)

Cage Aquaculture (2002)

Writing for the Internet (2002)

Human Resources Management (2003)

Trados for computer-assisted translating (2003)

Legally Certified Translations and Court Interpreting (2004)

Basics of Community Interpreting (2006)

Guiding Walks in the East (2008)

Marketing on the Internet (2010)

An Introduction to SDL Trados Studio 2011 (19 Jan. 2012)

Facebook as a Marketing Tool (27-28 February 2012)

What is translation memory? (29 Feb. 2012)

Finding & Collecting Business opportunities with Google+ (14 March 2012)

Webinar on SDL Trados Studio 2011 – Service Pack 2 (26 July 2012)

How to speed up translation processes with apps from SDL OpenExchange (28 Nov. 2012)

Going beyond fuzzy and exact matches with a translation memory (29 Nov. 2012)

Fiction Workshop at the Polar Festival (12-13 July 2013)

Studio 2014 Spotlight – Increasing productivity, October 2013

Composing theatrical and film scripts (three-week course, October to November 2013)

How to translate a document using SDL Trados Studio 2014 (26 November  2013)

Translation innovations in Service Pack 2 for SDL Trados Studio 2014 (27 November 2014)

First aid (14-16 April 2015)

Studio 2015: New ways to personalize your translation environment (27 August 2015)

Writers’ workshop (25-27 September 2015)

Voice – improvisation – speech (31 October-1 November 2015)

Green, safe driving (October 2016)

A beginner’s guide to SDL Trados Studio 2017 (6 December 2016)

Time-saving translation features of SDL Trados Studio 2017 (17 January 2017)

Traffic safety and vehicle technology (26 November 2017)

Laws and regulations for professional vehicle operators (9 January 2018)

Chauffering passengers (25 February 2018)

First aid for professional vehicle operators (16 April 2018)

Studio 2019: On-demand guidance and instant access (16 August 2018)

Red Cross First Aid (18 May 2019)

Iceland’s Northern Eruption Zone (28-29 September 2019)

Hobbies and interests:

  • Have through the years gone on many trips, frequently with a guide and usually with my wife. While we hike in most cases, we also often cycle or use cross-country skis.
  • As of around 1980, I have written occasionally for newspapers and journals. Soon after 1990, I began working towards founding a poetry organisation for East Iceland which was finally established in 1996. Since 2008, I have often composed poetry verses based on traditional Icelandic metres. Nowadays I probably compose around four or five daily, on average, of the mostly four-line, alliterated verses special to Iceland. The verses which independent parties have published in media of varying sorts now number in the hundreds. In addition, I often give or send them to people with whom I happen to be in contact at the moment. Examples can be seen on the website, using the link on the left of the Icelandic pages, Ýmislegt. I also enter a number of them on the very active Facebook group page of Boðnarmjöður. Since 2011 I have led small poetry get-togethers of people in the area who meet once a month over the winter.
  • Treasurer for five years of the Tourist Development Organisation in the region of Hérað and Borgarfjörður; treasurer and spokesman of my basketball team for about 25 years. As of October, 2012, I exercise regularly with a local jogging and running group, Hlaupahérar.
  • Have been president of the parents’ association at the local kindergarten, of the parents’ association at the elementary school, of the regional association of secondary-school teachers and for years of my valley’s general development society Framfarafélag Fljótsdalshéraðs. Through that society I have often helped organise meetings and larger conferences, sometimes in cooperation with groups in other parts of the country. Was an officer for three years of the nature conservation society for East Iceland and several times steward of the union including most of the teachers in the local college. Served on the local committee for gender rights for eight years, including four as chairman (1998-2002).
  • Along with my wife have twice won the village award for prettiest area yard and for several years in the eighties was treasurer of the local gardening club.
  • Leader of a group that collected information on historical trails in East Iceland, publishing the 111-page book Fornir fjallvegir á Austurlandi, two 16-page colour pamphlets: Eskifjarðarheiði: Gönguleiðir and Berufjarðarskarð: Gönguleiðir, and the 20-page pamphlet, Fjallvegir um Fáskrúðsfjörð: Stuðlaheiði – Reindalsheiði. We held three conferences, a slide show and five hikes, each time with a participation of 13-70 people. To some extent, work continues, since the plan is to present a comprehensive, online collection of short descriptions of all the traditional trails over high areas in Iceland.
  • Along with the Framfarafélag mentioned above, I promoted for many years the idea of a trail system around the lake in Lagarfljót. Not much of it has yet materialised, though there is now at least a cycling and pedestrian trail between Egilsstaðir and Fellabær. Currently, I have for the past several years led an informal group working to improve and add to walking and cycling trails in the vicinity of the villages Egilsstaðir and Fellabær.
  • Am studying on my own to build up a listening and reading comprehension of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Faroese; this is a long-term project using current Internet sources such as written news and podcasted radio programmes. I also listen regularly to informative podcasted programmes from numerous other countries and a wide variety of stations in English, German, Spanish and French. I thereby enjoy both staying generally informed and maintaining or improving my knowledge of languages.
  • In the wintertime, I read and discuss poetry every week with those living in the nursing home Dyngja. Once a month that time of year, I lead a poetry session during which the participants read out or sing lyrics that they have chosen or perhaps composed. In Icelandic, I compose on the average several verses a day, publishing many of them through the Facebook group Boðnarmjöður.

Main abilities:

I am fully competent in English and have an excellent command of Icelandic and German. Translation and proofreading have been my main profession since May, 1999, along with tourism. Highly qualified colleagues assist me with language assignments, treating a wide variety of subjects. In addition to long years of guiding and teaching, I am generally experienced in working with groups and organising or conducting meetings. Finally, I have often written the minutes of meetings.

Egilsstaðir, Iceland

October 2019