General policies

The Lingua branch of Lingua / Norðan Jökuls Ltd. performs language services that include translating, composing, correcting and editing texts. The other branch of the company, Norðan Jökuls, contracts its guiding and consulting services to accredited tourism companies.

The company founder and manager, Philip Vogler, is principally educated in English, German, teaching, comparative literature, tourism and guiding within Iceland. He has also gained substantial experience as a teacher, translator, driver and guide. See his curriculum vitae here.

The company honours non-disclosure obligations and confidentiality on any matters which should remain private, but recognises no more liability than is normally assumed by Icelandic translators and members of the Iceland Tourist Guide Association.

Philip generally answers phone calls on weekdays; on the other hand, e-mails are reliable and are always answered by the second following workday, though usually much sooner. Generally, the company is willing to undertake weekend or evening work, though how soon it can accept a task may vary.

The Internet has played a key role in the development of Lingua / Norðan Jökuls in rural Iceland, and is used to find as much information as possible regarding both guiding and appropriate terms and style. In addition, the Internet helps as a promotional tool and in connecting with reliable partners anywhere in the world. The regular renewal of company equipment and important computer programs helps to fulfil modern client expectations.

Most work occurs electronically, minimising paper use and other garbage from the workplace. The litter that does accumulate is sorted in accordance with the admirable arrangements provided by the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað. All organic kitchen waste generated by Philip’s family is composted and used in their garden, where no poisons have been applied for years.

Above all, the company hopes to honour its motto:

Quality and Service at the Forefront!