Norðan Jökuls – Guiding

A knowledgeable, friendly guide –
to increase your enjoyment of Iceland!

Iceland is a North Atlantic gem. Not only is the country’s nature in many ways unique, but its society and culture – whether past or present – are special. An educated, experienced guide will help you enjoy your trip to the utmost, with more understanding of nature and unusual aspects of Icelandic life.

The manager and guide of Norðan Jökuls, Philip Vogler, lives in East Iceland and knows the region thoroughly. Although he has studied and guided throughout Iceland, he has gradually specialised in the eastern two-thirds or so of the country – areas far away from the capital, Reykjavík.

Since new laws took effect in Iceland on 1 January 2019, the company sells Philip’s services only to tourism operators who are licensed to organise and sell trips.

The main object of the company is satisfied customers, under the motto:
Quality and Service at the Forefront!