Policies on language translating and editing

Quality policy
Lingua strives to provide each client with texts of high quality – texts that are grammatically correct, sound appropriate for the context, and use vocabulary that fits the subject and probable audience. The following practices help provide consistent quality:

All of our translators and editors are university-educated and have experience in preparing texts for publication.

We work with translators who have a variety of backgrounds and try to direct each project to the most appropriate person, in some instances even recommending other companies to the client. In cases where translators are not translating into their native language, the resulting texts are read over by an associate with the right mother tongue.

The company strives to use equipment and software which fulfil modern requirements. Generally our translators use computerised translation programs to increase efficiency, reduce errors and maintain consistency. Online resources are utilised to search for up-to-date information on specialised vocabulary and current usage.

Partnership editing
While in a few instances the client has resources and wishes to review a translation, ordinarily a Lingua associate other than the translator will have reviewed and edited the text before it is sent to the client, and the original translator will also have had the opportunity of reading through the edited text and discussing changes with the editor. The objective is to ensure a polished style and appropriate choice of terms.

Possible corrections
In order to find the most accurate translations for particular concepts, we ply the Internet and may even consult the client, besides editing each text. However, we will consider any questions or criticism that may arise about a text, and will try to clarify potential issues. Although we will then make improvements or corrections if they are necessary, our goal is to ensure that such changes are never needed. Please note that the company otherwise assumes no responsibility for its translations or editing.

Lingua treats all information confidentially. New colleagues are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Each of the above measures is intended to fulfil not only our clients’ expectations, but also our own. We aim to perform in accordance with our motto:
Quality and Service at the Forefront!